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April 02

LAUNDERED SHIRTS LOOK BETTER ON HANGERS a novel by Jane Collins-Philippe The only power I have over my life, thinks Claudia Stone as she puts the noose around her neck, is the power to end it....

June 30

Twisted Tales, a paranormal anthology featuring Phoenix Johnson, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Gina A. Watson, Cherie Nightingale, Jordanne Fuller, Sandra Wiltjer, Liz Butcher and Carole Weave-Lane....

March 25

The Three Penny Opera - Bertolt Brecht Sabrina Guardians of the Key - Clio Gray An Anthology of Canadian Literature Sarah: A New Beginning - Donna Firby Gamache

March 12

If it's not us, we all have at least 1 girlfriend who has or is going through Relationship DRAMA She is not Alone. Check out Amazon Kindle Bestseller (under dysfunctional relationships) Pretty Girl ...