Educational System in Disarray

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The education system of Pakistan is an amalgamation of different educational systems ranging from provincial boards, Federal Board of Education, O’ Levels and Agha Khan Board. Although each educational board is delivering education according to its own curriculum, each educational system focuses on certain aspects of the education. The main problem is that parents as well as children have no source of guidance that how and which educational system is suitable for the child and most of the parents neglecting the inborn talents and potential of the child follow according to instincts that what is better for the child. Though most children suffer due to the poor educational environment in badly managed schools an equally responsible factor is that children are not put into the suitable educational system where they can excel according to the natural talents possessed by the children. Parents have their own perspectives about what kind of education their child will be acquiring but it is not a wise decision to always impose the will of the parents on children though it will be better if the parents and the child discuss about the interests of the child because all children have dreams of what they want to become in the future and when provided the environment to achieve that dream the child not only shows interest in studies but also performs better.

The most dominant educational system in Pakistan is in a state of disorganization and it is sad to be said that it is poorly managed at this present state. Many schools that offers education are not up to the mark of the required quality that should be delivered to the students. This results in disorganization of student learning processes due to which students have a hard time to acquire quality and beneficial knowledge that will help them in academic life as well as professional life. There is a lack of proper supervision of education conditions and there are not many teachers that are well aware that modern educational techniques have to be implemented to raise the standard of education at an early stage so that students who have been influenced but modern day knowledge have no issues to crop up with any type of educational environment in the future. But instead there a new tradition that student has started going to coaching centers which is in a way good but in a way a disadvantage. Students may learn how to score marks but many students become very dependent on coaching centers and the prepared “marks orientated” notes that they provide. Students may be exposed to an environment where everything is provided which diminishes the natural talent of students to study. These dependencies become a weakness for students when they travel abroad for studies because “rote learning” is not encouraged in other countries. Most of the foreign board of education greatly depends on research and creative study material which is greatly lacking in our education system. This is because at a small level (initial education) the teacher encourages the student to memorize everything which is not a suitable and effective way of teaching because it does not let the student think about new facts and related knowledge that could develop at that time due to this behavior of teachers the possibility that the creative ability of the mind of the student is suppressed.

There should be awareness of education patterns and most importantly counseling system should be established at an early stage of education to guide the students towards a successful future in studies. When students are not guided properly in their educational life then they tend to resolve to cheating and unfair means to achieve success. This issue of unfair acts of students has also become common in Pakistan due to lack of proper administration and guidance to students. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has enlightened Muslims about the sacredness of education through his quotes.

“Acquire knowledge, because he who acquires it, in the way of the Lord, performs an act of piety; who speaks of it praises the Lord; who seeks it, adores God, who dispenses instruction in it, bestows alms; and who imparts it to its fitting objects, performs an act of devotion to God. Knowledge enables its possessor to distinguish what is forbidden from what is not; lights the way to Heaven; it is our friend in the desert, our companion in solitude, our companion, when bereft of friends; it guides us to happiness; it sustains us in misery; it is our ornament in the company of friends; it serves as an armor against our enemies. With knowledge the creatures of Allah rises to the heights of goodness and to noble position, associates with the sovereigns in this world and attains the perfection of happiness in the next.”



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