Gaza: A Cemetery for Human Rights

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As the media of the world focuses on issues from all over the world, there is yet one significant and crystal clear issue that lingers in the open, Gaza. Gaza is a Palestinian region that borders Egypt and Israel; regardless of all the media covering up the stories with glorified justification of the Israeli forces doing a good job slaughtering the Palestinians. There is not an ounce of doubt that what is being done in Gaza is the pinnacle of butchery of innocent lives. Now the question arises that how is this so-called “War of Justice” or “Liberation of the Holy Land” wrong? Provided that the Palestinians have no army, no navy, no air force, and now they don’t even have proper hospitals to get treatment for the wounded. A region that has no such resources to defend itself is ultimately prone to thrive for its survival and what the people of Gaza are doing is survival to sustain their lives.

The image shows that how much damage Gaza has sustained so far. And looking at the image one can clearly point out the fact that if this is a defensive war then why are there women and children that have been martyredin the city? Isn’t a war or conflict between brave men? Isn’t a fight between those warriors who are evenly matched on the battleground? Well, in this case it is just a selfish claim that Israel is wiping out the population of Gaza and compelling the people to flee from the area so that it can be occupied and captured by the Israeli troops. But the people of Gaza call it their home, and it is natural for a person to defend his/her home from the enemy. This is how people of Gaza spend their life carrying they're dead and expecting more at any time of the day due to air strikes, drone strikes and raids from Israeli forces. The gruesome images can give the chills to even the most rigid minds.

Gaza faces barrage of missiles and uncalled attack almost 24/7 in their everyday life. Regardless who is killed in the attack, Israeli troops count it as a score. And they celebrate their victory for killing aggressive and dangerous enemy forces. So what are their forces comprised of? Merely, innocent children and women as well as the elderly are killed every day in Gaza. Shown below is an image that even the most logical minds cannot deny. How can a child be a threat to a fully equipped armed soldier? They need to barrage house and residential areas with missiles.

How does the world justify Israeli shelling of schools and hospitals in Gaza? Sick people and innocent children are being killed as if they were disposable useable items. Similar incidents have been reported and been trying to cover up by the media and Israeli spokesmen that such incidents were accidental attacks. The question arises that how does a million dollar military-grade missile miss its target and mistakenly hit a target that isn’t even a viable threat in any way? Well, if there was a logical reason that could be provided then the world would like to hear it and so on.


A similar incident is shown in this video footage. Israeli troops claim that they fire a warning shot and then they launch an artillery strike on the location. So if there are innocent civilians in the buildings, they can evacuate. And the time frame between the warning shot and the actual bombing is a few minutes. They claim it to be minuted, but look at this video carefully. The warning shot landed at around three to four second, and the actual attack occurred at close to 1: 00 min. 

The question remains a mystery that how does a person saves his life in less than a minute of time that ticks like a time bomb. The only force that stands on par with the Israeli forces for now is the resistance forces that have taken an up-rise to defend its people. The world may call them saviors or call them terrorists, but one thing is for sure. When the limit of patience is lost there comes a time when such defensive measures become the only way of the people as stated in this video.



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