Honor Killing

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Honor Killing is the killing of women of the family that have believed to have brought about dishonor to the family name. Many reasons are responsible for these inhumane acts; it could be because the victim is not following a modest dressing pattern, following wishing to marry someone out of the community or not wanting to marry someone of the community. Such behavior of women compels the individuals of the family as well as a community to take such actions against the women. Many cases have been seen throughout Pakistan that many women have been killed due to this practice which is because there is a lot of illiteracy among their people. Though many might claim that only illiterate people commit such acts but there have been cases where educated people have committed such crimes. One such case was regarding “Shafilea” from London. Where the parents of that girl killed the girl because they thought that the girl was acting inappropriately and parents wanted to get the girl married according to a choice of their own.

Women have been bestowed the highest of the status in society and many quotations have been mentioned regarding their status in the Quran and by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) many times in his life. It is to be ensured that both men and women in Islamic society get equal rights and both have a chance to avail the opportunities in life equally. Even now in this modern world where the norms and values have been modified to such an extent that children are now given free will regarding making decisions but still it is observed that in rural areas it is more common where the society is male dominant that women still live in a suppressed state. Many events have been reported where the people who have killed the women have been very proud of the actions and have been stating that the actions that they have performed have been valorous and justified in every sense as well as have helped them restore the lost honor of the family. Pakistan being a country that is an agricultural country has a major part of its population that lives in rural areas. This population is based on community system and most communities have conflicts within. And marriages from one community to the other are discouraged and not favored. And if there are marriages from one community to the other there is a state of conflict for generations which turns into a scene of feuds and honor killing.

There are many ways in which this social problem can be avoided and one of the effective solutions is to at least provide religious as well as moral education and reformation of the society’s values. Religious teachings will enable the individuals to enlighten themselves regarding the status of women and it will discourage unethical customs such as honor killing. There is a dire need to create awareness that Islam has taught its people the message of peace and harmony but this harmony is yet to be restored and followed in our society, this peace and harmony can be achieved only when people learn to abide by the rules of religion and followings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

The Quran Says:

And they (the women) have rights similar to those (for men) over them in equity. (Ch.2:V.229)

And consort with them in kindness… (Ch.4:V.20)


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