Join Hands and Join Gaza

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Gaza is under attack and thousands of people die every day while the Muslim world sit idle with their eyes closed. When one nation is attacked then it is likely that all other nations provide their support to defend that state on an international level through debate and talk. But what are the nations doing at such a time? They are simply ignoring the whole issue like it’s an everyday routine event. While we sit on our comfortable seats and talk as if we know the situation of Gaza; an innocent life is lost and every second, every instance and every tick of the clock writes a sad story in the life of the families that reside in Gaza. Some nations are supporting Gaza however they can but it is not enough to just support from the shadows instead there is a need for a direct action towards the occurring devastation and onslaught that has befallen on the people of Gaza. One such nation is Saudia Arab that is considered the pinnacle of the Islamic nation. Although the Arab claims that they support the people of Gaza but has there been a direct course of action by the Saudia Arabia as to defend against the tyrannical actions of Israel. People are dying on Palestinian soil and the ruler who live a princely life give statements with a calm face. So what does the Muslim nation have to do? Obviously, we need to unite and stand against this oppressive and unjustified behavior of the Israeli violence. While we chant our hollow promises and halfhearted commitments to free Gaza from their suffering the enemy is taking over the territory at an alarming rate. And if this keeps on going on there will sadly come a time when the people of Gaza will lose hope and trust towards their own brother nations around the world. The people who are killing individuals with any logical reason to justify their inhuman acts carried around the globe. It is not just about Gaza but also around other nations that are facing dominance from forces that work in the shadows. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan are just the top of the cream while Gaza is facing the true brutality from the military forces head on. One such example is shown in this video stating that if these so called heroes kill a kid then they are likely to call the kid a “dog”. Disgusting as it gets then what would they consider the people in Gaza? The question is still a mystery. Sources and names are even mentioned in the clip. Through my writing I hope to enlighten the masses about what is terribly going wrong around the world and what is being neglected with our eyes open. For the leaders who do not have enough faith in God will never have enough faith that they can win against any evil and such is the lesson given from this video. And to the children shown in the video, they may have made some mistakes in life but not such mistakes that they are labeled as dogs and militants that can be disposed of like trash. When such inhuman acts become common around the world then how safe do you who are reading this article think is? It’s a question that will always be there in our minds. The only forces that are taking a stand for the Gaza and Palestinian people are Hamas, Al-Quds or Hesbollah. Though they may have their own ideologies and differences but at least they are putting up a fight against the Israeli forces. They are doing what no other nation is taking a step to do. And this is what is keeping the hope among the Palestinian people alive. The people support such resistance forces as Palestine does not have a military force that can stand on par with the Israeli forces while the Israeli forces have support from all the Masonic groups from around the world. One thing that the video clip below shows is a better systematic authoritative system that Hamas is establishing so far in Gaza. Though it is evident that not all is white but still some effort is being made for the betterment of Gaza and it is appreciated by people so far.

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