Need of Dams in Pakistan

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          Dams are an essential water reservoir for any country in the days when water is scarce, rain is less and weather is very hot. Pakistan is blessed with a weather cycle that provides with an ample amount of water that can be stored for the remaining months over the year. Since, Pakistan is an agricultural country and agriculture depends on supply of abundant amount of water it is surely advantageous that water needs to be stored for the cash crops. The country, half of the annual the rainfall occurs in July and August, averaging about 255 millimeters (8.8 inch) in each of those two months, this is a decent amount of rain water than can be utilized by the use of dams strategically made at key locations.

          Sadly, the parts where the agricultural activity takes place is inhabited by people who are not literate and they fail to understand the importance of dams in hot and dry weathers. People in the rural areas use traditional methods to irrigate the crops and store water, which at times is insufficient for their use on a yearly basis. Crops like rice and sugarcane need a lot of water to grow before cultivation; especially rice is a crop that needs to be submerged in water to keep it cool and healthy. So now the question arises is that: What needs to be done in order to spread awareness among these people? The solution is simple yet complicated to implement since the governance of the country is facing a lot of internal issues in the system ranging from feudalism towards the opposition. So for now it is inevitably visible that as long as such issues linger in the infrastructure of the country, there is no chance that dams will be constructed with ease. Aside from internal issues once, such issue that Pakistani is facing is regarding the expense and expertise in constructing these dams into such strategic locations where the dam can hold the water with ease for a long time.

          As the environment changes rapidly due to global warming and greenhouse effects it is evident that the country will surely need dams in the future to irrigate agriculture and for drinking purpose for the citizens of the country. Though in the meantime the individuals have yet to realize the benefits of dams. On a yearly basis a large amount of fresh water flows through the rivers and goes into the Arabian Sea without even being used or stored. This large amount of water if utilized properly would surely eradicate the water issues that we see in everyday life. And no one can deny that Pakistan is a country with a number of rivers that are miraculously located in strategically favorable locations.

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