Palestinian Children: The Ignored Voices

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The world in today’s time frame has plunged into such a chaotic state that sadly “Humanity” has been reduced to ashes when looking at its value. Where the poor suffer and the powerful dominate, there has been a severe loss of the sense of justice. And this loss of justice has led to the inhuman atrocities that some selected few face in everyday life. Such is the case of the Palestinian people who for no particular reason are treated like animals by the powerful and almighty that think that they are superior to the race and pride as compared to the people of Palestine.

While Palestinian people suffer and their cries are not heard by anyone, there are some people who are voicing against the atrocities and making crystal clear again to the world that which was unclear. I ask you this that is a country deserving to such tyranny to such a level that basic human rights are not being justified among them? Is the wrong to stand firm and fight for what is right? If it’s right to fight for one’s legit and basic human rights then why are they penalized for right and then ignored their rights?


Recently I read an inspiring content that was written by Jil Love on her page Love Revolution and my article will be focusing that issue. The Human Rights Organization published a report saying that 230 children were locked up in Israeli detention jails. And these children are still waiting for their release. Now here a question arises: Do children pose a much larger threat than the criminals that deserve to be locked in such cells? Or are these children being justified for crimes that they were not capable of? A report that was issued by the Euro-Mid Observer for Human right, it was stated that between the years January 2010 and June 2014 around 2500 children were detained by the Palestinian forces among which 400 children were around the age of 12 – 15 years old. In a February 2013 report, UNICEF concluded “ill-treatment of children who come into contact with the Israeli military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized throughout the process.”

With all the reports and statements going around from all the organizations around the world regarding the Palestinian atrocities, there is still no action taken to justify these inhuman acts. The situation stands still at a stalemate, and there is no particular positive outcome that has been seen by the Palestinian people for many years. Arresting a child for felony is one thing, but to barge into someone’s home out of no reason and to take away children is so wrong. There is a proper systematic procedure that is followed even for the children that have committed crimes, and there are special juvenile centers that hold the jurisdiction to detain such criminals of low age. But to randomly arrest children for no particular reason is something that is considered a norm among the Israeli forces while carrying out operations in their assigned territory.

I would surely like the masses give consideration towards this issue that is being blindly ignored by the individuals as Palestinians are considered of less value as compared to the children of high society of the world. What if the children were not Palestinian but aware of telling some family in the USA or UK? Then surely this fact would have made the headlines of every newspaper in the world. But since it is the other way around, no one is giving any concern about what they do to those children in those jails.

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