Spirituality: Essence of Life

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Spirituality, the oneness of one’s Body and Soul. It is a term defined according to different meaning in different situations. In my opinion it can be categorized in the following Religious, physical and mental. Religious spirituality means the purity of one’s heart and soul of the act of performing Religious duties (Duties changes according to religion, e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christians etc.). People following this path are more likely to be preachers, scholars, dominant religious bodies or personalities or ethnologists. Physical spirituality in my point  of view is the pureness of one’s body and strengthening of one’s physical aspects , as it is said that worshiping Allah (terms like God and Goddesses etc.) grants on physical dominance . Immunity to disease, beauty and healthy life are some of the gifts of Allah. Mental spirituality can be defined as the “Mind over Body”. No matter how much the Body lusts for something the mind always dominates the body that is what mental spirituality is all about. This is the superior most forms in some people’s opinion because it controls the Human nature and the acts a person perform.

According to the human psychology there are three characters in a person namely: Id, Ego and superego. The Id is a state that a person develops in an infant stage. It is a state in which the child is dominated by his Id state and struggles for what he needs no matter what the infant/child wants .Example: A child crying for food will cry till the child is not fed properly and to the extent that the stomach of the child is full .After the child gets what he wants the Id is no longer dominant on the child .As the Id develops further it changes into a stage called Ego. This can also define as the reality state of a person. A person in a normal mode is said to be in his form of the Ego. Aside from the Ego formation in a human the human mind splits into another part called superego. The superego is a stage that is a state that looks for the pleasure and desires of a person and produces the greed in the person to acquire or obtain it. The superego is not responsible for the aftermath. It’s for the Ego to decide what to do. Now here is where my point about mental spirituality comes in. A person with strong mental spirituality can dominate the superego by his strong Ego state. Example: A person wants to go out with his friends and he will come back home late. Here his Ego tells him to tell the truth and tell his parents that he will be coming later. The Super Ego tells the person to lie and say that he is going to study. Now here is where the person with a strong mental spirituality can dominate and face the music (idiom: Face the consequences). There are different religions and arts (Professions and ways; by ways I mean disciplines). They can train a person with different methods and practices to enhance a person’s dominant side of spirituality. For example a person is most likely to join Martial arts if he desires physical strength. Some people in their life have suffered lot violence. Their main goal to achieve power is to defend what they could not defend. Some people want to get stronger mentally and physically to protect their loved ones (friends, family etc.) for such power comes such concentration and restraining of one’s intentions and actions. Some people seek nature, calmness and ease of mind: they have the attraction towards meditation. They believe if the mind is strong then the body can withstand pain to the extent of death. Some people are so religious that a kind of positive aura is emitted that can produce positive effects among people (Note : By aura it is meant feelings, actions, thoughts etc. that inspire people around to be attracted towards the positive thinking) .

The world contains many kinds of energies electrical, heat, chemical etc. And there is a concept that energy can be changed from one form to another. This also applies in the human body. A person meditating or performing emits a positive energy from his body. At that time his mind, body and soul were cleansed from the filth and the evils of the world. Therefore, in that state a person is likely to be truly called Spiritually Strain.


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