The Human Heart: Our First Brain? A Seminar for Rediscovering the Power of the Human Heart

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Date: Thursday, March 3, 2016 Time: 7:30 pm to 9:45 pm Location: 215 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor, Alterna Boardroom With a system of 40,000 neurons, our heart has a magnetic field with a reach 60 times greater and 5,000 times more intense than the brain. Recent scientific studies outline discoveries about our heart, reminding us of what great civilizations seemed to know. If Stanford and Oxford universities state that “the heart is an intelligent state of consciousness,” this tells us that their research only confirms what Plato was known to say: “the heart is the knot of vessels at the guard post.” In Ancient Egypt, in the famous scene of the “Judgment of the Dead,” the heart is weighed as the seat of moral consciousness and intelligence. This is why the Egyptians considered it as the “first brain,” since everything that comes from the heart is just, balanced and harmonious. To think or to feel? Do we have to place what comes from the head in opposition to what comes from the heart? The heart is the point of union, reuniting what seems opposite, and knows how to create the unimaginable: Harmony! At the beginning of 2016, it is time to explore not just the external world, but also the world within us of paths enabling us to rediscover that which can create coherence and cohesion in our life, bringing beauty and harmony around us. Is this not what we all are looking for deep within? Let us encounter our heart in order to also better understand the hearts of those around us and to seek out the union needed to build a harmonious world. You can purchase discounted tickets online in advance through Eventbrite: Advance ticket price: $20 regular; $12 full-time students with ID * Guarantees a seat * Secure online payment or Make a reservation through our website and pay cash at the door: Ticket price: $25 regular; $15 full-time students with ID * Pay cash at the door * Valid until 7:15 pm (the day of the event) Doors close at 7:45 pm (out of respect for the speaker and attendees) Questions? Call us at 416-486-7198 or email us: Facebook Event Page:

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