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It came to my attention that at some point over the last couple decades that I may have been overeating for my whole life. I use to be in great shape....really great shape... and then I became a father, again and again...and I believe they call what happened to me "sympathy weight gain" which got me into "the dad figure". smh

So we joined the gym...sweated, treadmill, weights...massage get back in shape. it was a good 6- month go go go go go, every night after work....that just made me tired and neither of us lost weight. It was heart breaking...and heart pounding.

then she found some friends online into a new way to lose weight and look and feel younger.

I said "Sign Me Up"

and we haven't looked back.

over the last 2 years, she went from "the mommy of 3" figure to the "hot momma" figure to "the point now where she looks the way she did before having any kids.
even though I severely sprained my ankle this spring and haven't exercised AT ALL since..and I am still lookin and feeling better than I have in years.

Feel free to add me on facebook : dan.alexander.5494 if you would like to join us in bettering our health and living long and prosperous lives.

(that was a Spockism)

Have an awesome day!

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