hi i am looking for atown house to rent asap

Listed @ Jul 4, 2015 - 03:29:01 PM

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Price: $300.00
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hi i am looking for a townhouse to rent asap in downtown toronto or north york area for my own private space to live away from family on my own i am out all day pretty much expect on weekends going to programing and ged upgrading for myself in downtown toronto area i know downtown and north york area very well but i am looking for a space of my own in this area i am also looking for price range 300-500 because i am what they call an odsp renter or a person who is low income renter i am also looking for a place that is furnished pervbileby but also a place where i only have to pay first or last month down because of the type of renter i am aswell i am a29 year old female if need to know and am looking for my dream home bachelor townhouse with this type of setting a place i can call home of my own a place that is quite in the evening because i am not aparterier or doesn't party i don't like dirty spaces so am a clean freak when i have time to celan i try to clean weekly the best i can i also dont like drama so if people come see me they live right after they see me unless they spend anight and i know they are not the drama type i as well am what is called a single female renter on low income or odsp renters because of my past with men i chose to live by myself tell mr right comes along one day i hope to be in place by late sept or oct this year before winter falls as well hope to hear back from someone soon bye for now i don't have a working number because i am busy all day and as well you can email me when ever you fell free to about the place you have for rent if i match the renter type you are looking for and finally i will get back to you as soon as i can bye for now now hope to hear back from someone soon God bless you always thanks for reading my rental add.

  • Min Sqft: 300
  • Rooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: No
  • Utilities: Yes
  • Internet: Yes

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