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Field Operations and Surveillance


High Performance SurveillanceCommissionaire Investigators are highly trained and experienced in all manner of surveillance operations. Experts in emersion and infiltration operations, Commissionaires take surveillance to the next level. Detailed planning, technology and experience provide clients with the best possible information, allowing them to make well informed decisions.


Insurance Fraud– Insurance Fraud continues to be a serious problem.  False insurance claims are insurance claims filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider. Organized insurance crime continues to cost insurers, policyholders and Canadians over $1 billion a year. Commissionaire Investigators using a variety of methods, get to the facts. Insurance providers have the complete picture and can then take informed and appropriate action.


Infidelity Investigations – Investigating a spouse can become an emotionally trying event. Our main goal within the Commissionaires Investigations Division is to bring our clients piece of mind so that they may move ahead with their lives without any more emotional burden. Our spousal services are highly confidential, professional and affordable.


Loss Prevention - Retail environments suffer dynamic loss on a daily basis, from both external shoplifting as well as internal organized theft. The cost to retailers can be quite substantial. Our retail approach is highlighted by are highly trained and motivated Retail Specialists. We also assist clients in the civil recovery process available to retailers, allowing them some return from criminal activities.


Undercover/Infiltration - Undercover investigation can resolve very difficult situations such as theft, substance abuse or any other form of misconduct or crime. Undercover workplace operations are employee-interactive and provide first hand intelligence and evidence concerning suspected employees. Our Investigators have the training and experience in all manner of undercover tactics and deployment, from a basic infiltration to high risk operations.


Capture Time Lapse – An investigator deployed on a surveillance assignment can pinpoint specific movement timings and a vast array of other vital information by first employing, time lapse observations. CTL is usually conducted prior to the commencement of a deployed investigator and can save clients substantial cost.


Training Events


Commissionaires University is renowned for providing the highest quality instruction and practical experience to students. Our instructional staff has vast professional backgrounds including, military and police intelligence as well as a passion for providing instructional expertise.


Security Certification - Ontario Security Guard Course.


Basic Private Investigator Certification –   Our training takes the Ministry established curriculum to the next level.


Enhanced Investigative Practices – Advanced investigative techniques for modern applications are examined as well as the development of an exceptional, leading edge skillset.


Use of Force Training - Three levels of training are customized to meet student and or client requirements.


Hazardous Operations Protocol (safe practices) – With military and police specialists, our HRO program provides persons operating in hazardous or hostile environments with the necessary knowledge and mindset to stay safe in any situation.


First Aid, CPR &AED Training – We provide training in both emergency and standard first aid, to include CPR and AED.


Interviewing and Statement Taking


Behavior Analysis/Domain Interviews – Behavior Analysis Interview refer to a series of controversial and behavior provoking questioning techniques which elicit symptomatic behavioral responses.  Domain Interviews are intended to find areas of interest to follow up at a later time.


Statement Taking and review – We are available to take statements from witnesses or victims involved in relevant incidents, and to review previously taken statements.


Accident Investigation -   Motor vehicle accident investigation was once the exclusive domain of the police and law enforcement. Lately, it is fast becoming increasingly necessary within private industry. Our accident scene specialists are thorough and professional.


Specialty Investigations


Missing Persons/Skip Trace – The ability to locate an individual depends on several issues. These include, (friend vs. debtor), length of time elapsed, available resources and geographic area.  Commissionaire Investigators will figuratively and literally, leave no stone unturned.


Litigation Support – Combating the rising tide of white collar crime demands presenting a strong case in court. Strong cases start with strong investigations. Commissionaire Investigators are highly skilled and can help you prepare and mount stronger cases for your clients in the personal, corporate or labour arenas.


Corporate Due Diligence – Ensure your employees, contractors, suppliers and joint venture partners are not putting your company in financial or legal risk. Commissionaire Investigators will conduct research to identify any potential threats posed.


Intellectual Property – Counterfeit products costs the Canadian Economy $7billion annually. Commissionaires can help businesses combat counterfeit products by: introducing internal anti-counterfeiting programs, monitoring illegal internet activity, providing analytical charts (i2) that identify relationships and patterns critical to understanding a case, directly investigating individuals involved in counterfeiting.


Miscellaneous Investigations


Cold Case Examination – We go over in extreme detail all relevant work performed on a specific case, latent fingerprints, statements etc., and illuminate areas which may lead to more specific answers. Utilization of forensic mitochondrial DNA analysis of hair shafts and naturally shed hairs is a further tool aiding in the investigation of cold cases.


Executive Protection – We have extensive experience providing safety for a wide range of VIP’s.  Threats could include kidnapping, extortion and actual direct threats against an individual’s safety.  Protective measures go beyond the traditional, body guard function as we look at home and medium security among many others.


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