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Looking for new ways of healing pain, trauma, doubts, addiction, and perhaps deep fear?
Want to learn ancient and new ways of healing, clearing and balancing the energy of you body?
Would you like to discover a new path that will lead you to more abundance, freedom and well being?

Well look no further! Yogi Emmanuelle is here! I am here as a healer, teacher and a vibrational uplifter! I am here to share a new frequency with you! A frequency of love, healing and divinity! I am here to help you remember things that you have forgotten! I am here to bring you messages from your spirit guides. I am here to bring you into alignment of your true nature! For 5 years now I have been healing, teaching and dancing my way to life! And now I am so ready to be of service to humanity!

I offer the service of:

Yoga and Meditation
Card Readings and Spiritual Coaching
Ceremonial Circles
Reiki, Intuitive Massage and Healing
Private and Corporate parties
Conscious Gatherings
And many more!

If you resonate with anything that I am saying, do not hesitate to message me and add Urban Temple Toronto!

Urban Temple Toronto (
a space of healing and creating one's most authentic self.

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