Are You Thinking of Buying like this Kind of property…. Someday

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So, if you are thinking of Buying like this Kind of property…. Someday...
“Let me make your “Someday “Happen.
You need to talk to the one who is well versed in every aspect of Home&land transaction.
Talk to the person who knows Home&land...Whether its Buying or Selling...
Your Realtor should be aware of -Permits, Setbacks, Zoning rules, Water, Hydro, Sewage, Trees, Right of way. etc.…
I can HELP you Achieve your dream to get the Home& Land you want.
I'm familiar with the Zoning district, setbacks, lot coverage, and other standard Zoning regulations. I am very familiar with drilled wells, sewer systems, land types, buildings, and most things associated with rural properties and I’m very familiar with building practices and methods.

I can help identify upcoming or proposed hydro projects such as wind farms or solar-panel fields? Zoning changes? Upcoming Development?
All these services only a Realtor who has knowledge about Home&land can provide. Most realtors don’t know much about land, leave aside all those complex issues of land. I work closely with the county development office to ensure all legal, tax and municipal rules are followed. Zoning regulations affect not only what land uses are permitted on a property but also what can be built as well as provides other regulations such as lot size, type of buildings, etc.
It takes an Land specialist to talk to a like-minded buyer or seller.
Talk to me... Calling me Does Not Cost You Anything,,,,,,, but it PAYS.
It’s the Call you wont Regret.
I’m Thehome&Landguy you have been looking for,

Mir Ali

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